NB! pre-sale is closed. There are enough tickets at doors!

Warm-up day

Warm-up day tickets will be sold only at doors. Reservations possible through e-mail: info@blackrevalia.eu

  • 15€ default ticket
  • 7€ for festival visitor
    • 7€ ticket can be bought after exchanging your festival ticket against wristband. Wristband exchange and festival tickets sale is open at warm-up entance


Buy tickets from (Until 14th February)

Ticket prices:

  • Pre-sale  (only 2 day tickets)
    • 17€ – Discount ticket
      • Limited amount (50 pieces) available only @ Rocklub Tapper
    • 19€ – Default ticket
      • Rocklub Tapper
      • E-ticket
    • 35€ – Support ticket*
      • Rocklub Tapper
      • E-ticket
  • At doors (sale open also on warm-up day)
    • 27€ 2 day ticket
    • 22€ 1 day ticket
    • 35€ Support ticket*

* Since the possibility to reach breakeven with our organization is almost impossible, there are higher cost support tickets available. The support ticket acts as a donation to the organization and will provide regular access to the festival without any VIP status or special treatment.